Multiple Assistance Scholarships

Multiple Assistance Scholarships

Download an Application to apply for financial assistance for the following:

  1. Transportation expenses to and from home, school, medical services and employment, through the purchase from or through third parties of gas cards, bus passes, taxi cab cards, or other third party transit options;
  2. The purchase of: prescription medication; medical services; seizure response dogs; seizure detection devices; seizure prediction devices; and; other technologies, methods, and devices; and
  3. Such other expenses which are within the spirit of the Foundation’s charitable purposes relating to such person’s health and care as approved from time to time by the Foundation and its Assistance Review Committee.

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Program provides financial assistance to individuals with LGS to help pay for medical expenses not typically covered through insurance or other programs such as medical goods/devices, seizure response dog grants, reimbursement for genetic testing, medical travel expenses, medical goods.

Visit website for additional information

Program provides small home modifications and equipment to children with disabilities and their families. Visit website for additional information:

Program provides small grants to patients with Dravet syndrome and related epilepsies for necessary medical equipment, therapy devices, and educational aids associated with these conditions that are not covered through private insurance or other assistance programs. Items that are currently covered under this program include: durable medical goods (such as wheelchairs, orthotics, cooling vests, etc.), therapy equipment, and communication devices such as
iPads, costs associated with implementation of the ketogenic diet.

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Program provides seizure-prediction devices and financial assistance for seizure-response dogs for individuals with epilepsy.

Contact for additional information:

Program provides financial assistance for detection devices to qualified individuals diagnosed with epilepsy.

Contact program for additional information: (800)278-6101.

Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships & Grants

The UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship Program™ offers educational scholarships to people living with epilepsy, family members and caregivers who demonstrate academic and personal achievement.

Click here for the application and for more information.

Program offers a one-time scholarship up to $5000 to individuals living with epilepsy, their family members and caregivers. The scholarship is to be used towards coursework to advance personal knowledge in research, health education, advocacy and/or awareness in relation to their experience with epilepsy.

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Program offers support to individuals pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies that have been diagnosed with or treated for chronic disease. Visit the website for additional information:

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Program is for freshmen or currently enrolled college students diagnosed with epilepsy and other seizure disorders. It provides partial financial support up to $5000.

Contact the program for additional information (646)558- 0820.

Programs provides a $1000 scholarship to deserving students with disability who are pursuing undergraduate/graduate studies.

Visit the website for additional information:

Program provides financial scholarships and support services to students diagnosed with epilepsy. The award is up to $5000. Award is intended for high school graduates seeking an associate’s, undergraduate, or graduate degree or enrollment in trade school education program. Contact the program for additional information: (469)219-7266

Available to achievement-oriented students who meet two key criteria:
1) Currently enrolled in or have been accepted to an accredited college or university, AND
2) Have been diagnosed with epilepsy

Apply here:

The scholarship to Ohio Wesleyan University was created in memory of Aaron at his alma mater. He died in 2011 (age 21) in a drowning accident related to a seizure.

Seizure Dogs

Seizure Dogs (800)-771-7221 (800)-528-9550



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