There’s no way to adequately describe how terrifying and disturbing it is to witness your child having a seizure. How helpless you feel. How angry and distraught. How desperately you want answers. How much you worry about when the next one will come, agonize because you can’t keep it from happening.

I had never witnessed a seizure in person when my daughter experienced her first at age three. In the months that followed, learning as much as I could about epilepsy and finding support was critical. I can tell you how important it is to connect with resources to learn as much as possible about epilepsy. Find the right doctors to treat your child. Build a strong support system of people who understand. It was especially helpful to connect with other parents who had been there. That is how you find strength and hope and persevere. Today, my daughter is a happy, active Kindergartener and has been seizure free with medication for over a year. For which I am immeasurably grateful.




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