Care for Gabriela

Gabriela Huerta Villalobos is a 21-year-old who resides with her mother, Thais in Miami Dade. Gabriela’s mother is a single parent trying to do all she can to provide for herself and her daughter. She is the only source of income for their household. While mom works Gabriela has a specialized in home care provider who can provide adequate care. Unfortunately, Thais lost her job and along with Gabriela’s in home care provider. Thais was faced with a difficult situation, not having suitable care for Gabriela and no income to meet even their most basic needs. From the help of her community and church she was able to receive some financial assistance to cover her rent for one month. In the meantime, the staff at Epilepsy Florida worked tirelessly to try and find appropriate child care assistance that could cater to Gabriela’s specific medical needs. After multiple calls and referrals Gabriela’s case manager from Epilepsy Florida was able to enroll her in a program that cater to her needs. This program was able to provide funds towards a home care provider of the mothers’ choice for 15 consecutive days. Within those 15 days Gabriela’s mother was able to gain steady employment, and she can now continue to provide for herself and Gabriela. 

Samantha Rodriguez

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