Client Harry Brockman, also known as “Art” is a 51 year old male who started experiencing seizures at the age of 49 after an AVM surgery. Art was diagnosed with epilepsy right after his first seizure, which consisted of Grand mal seizures. Art first heard about Epilepsy Florida from his neurologist Dr. Camilo Garcia (Cleveland Clinic), who invited him to join our monthly support group meetings at Cleveland Clinic. After attending his first meeting, client decided to register with EFL in order to receive more information and services provided by the organization.

In addition, attending monthly support group meetings have become essential for Art’s well being. Client has gained a lot of confidence, support, and information from case manager and guest speakers. Also, client’s family have been involved throughout this difficult journey, forming part of meetings and EFL events such as “Walk the talk” has helped Art feel supported.  Moreover, EFL has significantly contributed to Arts life by providing a form of support from others with the same condition, building a great team from friends and family, sharing his and other stories freely without judgment or misunderstandings. 

The case manager has also assisted Art with resources and information about seizure dog, transportation through TOPS and emergency bracelet.  Art spends most of his day at home by himself and without the possibility of driving due to his ongoing seizures. These resources provided by EFL have benefited the client and his family. However, due to another traumatic brain injury, Art’s seizures have happened more often and hope to find the correct medication to control it. Art aspires to become seizure free with the help Dr. Garcia and ongoing information provided by EFL. 

Overall, Art is great example of positive energy and happiness regardless of his ongoing grand mal seizures; Art continues to smile and is always looking forward to great days ahead. 

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