Jessenia Bermudez has been a client of Epilepsy Florida since 1994. Jessenia was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 1.  When she was a child, her family reached out to Epilepsy Florida for help maneuvering and understanding her condition, which they knew nothing about. 

Like many of our clients, Jessenia, has had to overcome many challenges. For her one of the hardest is being able to explain that while looking at her she looks “normal” they don’t understand that epilepsy has interfered with all aspects and activities of her life. “It’s hard talking to other’s who look at you and say that they physically see there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s hard to talk about it and not get discriminated against for a condition you can’t see” Jessenia says.

Jessenia is grateful to Epilepsy Florida for the ongoing support she has received over the years.  She is especially thankful for the Medical Services she received at no cost when she didn’t have insurance.  She is thankful for the patience of the Case Management staff and their willingness to always go the extra mile to help clients. No matter what changes and challenges lies ahead for Jessenia- she knows she can always count on Epilepsy Florida and their staff for support.

Samantha Rodriguez

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