Jose Lopez has been part of Epilepsy Florida since 1993. He was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 18. Jose was referred to us while he was hospitalized after having multiple seizures. One of the major challenges he was facing before he became a client was not having any medical attention for his epilepsy. Epilepsy Florida made a major impact in his life by helping him gain access to neurological care and obtaining his medication. Jose was having up to three seizures a week, once his medication was changed it reduced his seizures to one every other month. In addition to his epilepsy Jose has also faced financial Hardships. Through the assistance of Epilepsy Florida, he has been referred to meal programs and has received financial assistance with his utility bills. He has been a great participant throughout his years with Epilepsy Florida and has attended our walks and support groups. Jose is grateful for all the support he’s received throughout the years from Epilepsy Florida. 

Carson Pedraza

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