David Grisset & Dr. Syed Asad on WJCTNews Radio

WJCTNews Radio, November 1, 2016 EFOF Community Resource Specialist, David Grisset and Dr. Syed Asad, of Universal Neurological Care, discuss epilepsy, the foundation and November Epilepsy Awareness month on WJCTNews Radio. Listen to the entire segment


Cause Unknown, but Not Alone

Home Magazine Gainesville – October 5, 2016 How One Woman Overcame the Isolation of Epilepsy with the Help of the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida Over 7 billion people populate the world, and over 127,000 of those people live in Gainesville. Yet ever


EFOF on the Buzz

Epilepsy Foundation of Florida discussing all things epilepsy on The Buzz, featuring Jacksonville Community Resource Specialist David Grissett


Dog who could detect seizures

April 29, 2016  Since November 2015, a pit bull named “Chloe,” remained homeless at the Ridgecrest Animal Shelter in Kern County, California. Sadly, the friendly dog, who was known to have detected seizures for two people (before the seizures

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