My name is Margaret Gregory I was diagnosed with epilepsy January 2009 at the age of 30. The seizures came as a surprise to my family as well as the team of neurologists because of the fact that I had no prior family history of epilepsy. I had been working, going to school while trying to pursue my goal in the pharmacy field. I was given my medication regimen, which I made sure I followed while trying to accept the fact that I’ve been diagnosed and my sense of independency seemed as though it had been taken from me but I tried to make the best of it. I took my children on vacation to Georgia and a few years later and a grand mal seizure left me with second and third degree burns on my left  arm, lower leg, and upper part of my back when I fell on the pavement. I was on life support for three months, when I was transported back home I had developed slight amnesia. This ordeal had effected my family tremendously. I was shown pictures in photo albums of me holding my children, even me with my other siblings and mother because I didn’t recognize them. It was soon after going through several pain staking appointments with a team of doctors to lead me on the road to recovery from those wounds and continue working closely with my neurologists when I was introduced to the EFOF who had been so helpful and understanding. Even after sustaining more injuries in 2013 I was determined to participate in the Epilepsy Walk in 2015 in which I proudly wore my purple shirt that read “Epilepsy Messed With The Wrong Chick.”  Yes, epilepsy is a part of my life now, but with the support of my love ones and the “extended family” I’ve met through the many events thanks to the EFOF I will continue to stay strong, and bring awareness to the public until there is a cure.

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