While the subject of dental health should concern everyone, it is of particular importance to those with epilepsy. Both seizures and anti seizure medications can render devastating effects to the oral health of a person with epilepsy.

These negative effects include:
– Chipped and broken teeth
– Irritated gums
– Gingival Hypertrophy (over grown gums)
– Periodontal Disease
– Bleeding gums
– Xerostomia (dry mouth)
– Susceptibility to oral infections such as canker sores and lesions
– Postoperative bleeding

To help prevent dental issues from occurring, it is recommended that people who suffer from seizures follow a suitable dental care program worked out with a dentist. This program should include:
– Seeing a dentist every 6 months for a routine check up and cleaning
– Regular brushing and flossing
– Make your dentist aware of the type of medication prescribed, including dosage levels and any side effects that you may have experienced
– In case of a dental emergency due to a fall, seek medical assistance immediately

To help ensure a safe and effective dental visit, here are some recommended tips for people who suffer from epilepsy and seizures:
– Take anti-seizure medication a few hours prior to your appointment
– Inform your dentist of your complete medical history, including seizure history
– Tell a dental team member if you experience an aura
– Visit the dentist accompanied by someone you trust

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