Karen Basha Egozi is the Chief Executive Officer of Epilepsy Florida and has been working on behalf of patients with epilepsy and their families since 2005. As the organization’s chief executive, Karen manages the efforts of a team of over 50 employees in six offices throughout the state who provide direct services to citizens in 35 of Florida’s 67 counties, with statewide responsibility through the Florida Department of Health. From 2013-2015 Karen served as a director on the board of Josh Provides, an organization dedicated to helping patients with epilepsy, and currently serves on the Board of Governors for the…..

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Monica joined Epilepsy Florida in the summer of 2017 after over 15 years of experience in the public and for-profit sectors. As Chief Financial Officer she oversees all financial and accounting aspects for the organization, which includes internal and external financial reporting, tax returns, the annual

financial statement audit and all financial grant compliance. In 2019 Rodriguez also assumed the role of Chief Operations Officer. Since that time she has Monica earned a bachelor degree in accounting from Florida International University in 2001. She is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the American Institute of CPAs.

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Judy Clauser is the Vice President of Programs for Epilepsy Florida and is based in the Miami office. She has been on staff with the agency for 27 years, leaving the private business sector when her now adult son developed refractory epilepsy as a youngster. Epilepsy Florida provided Judy and her family with much needed information, support and advocacy within the school system. As a way of giving back, she volunteered for the organization for four years, prior to her role as an employee. Judy oversees the general management of all program areas within the agency….

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Mary Gomez has been working on behalf of patients with epilepsy and their families since 2003. From 2005-2010 Mary was the program contract monitor for the State of Florida through the Florida Department of Health epilepsy program. She then served as Executive Director from 2010-2016 and most recently was promoted to Vice President of business Development. In her current role she manages a development team of over ten employees in eight offices throughout the state. Prior to joining Epilepsy Florida, Mary managed over 100 employees as the General Manager for Rahn Hotels International on Fort Lauderdale beach, and as the Manager……

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Judy Siskind has been staff psychologist of Epilepsy Florida for nearly 35 years. In that role she provides psychological evaluation  to help the agency’s clients know more about their own strengths and challenges and get needed benefits or accommodations (whether in school, in their citizenship application interviews, or in the disability benefits appeal process).  She also provides individual, parent, and family counseling to our clients and serves (informally) as a consultant to their neurologists, teachers, and other professionals concerned with the client’s quality of life.  

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DIRECTOR OF PROGRAM SERVICES Roxana Galera is the Director of Program Services at Epilepsy Florida where she oversees the agency’s social services department. Roxana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Florida International University and has over 20 years of experience in the social services/case management field. Roxana joined Epilepsy Florida in 1997 as an entry level social services/case manager. What started as transitional job to gain experience in the field, turned into a rewarding professional journey helping individuals and their families touched by epilepsy….

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  • Davie, Christal   – Social Services Case Manager
  • Hall, Audrey – Community Resource Specialist


  • Farnham, Jesse – Social Services Case Manager


  • Rosenfeld, Dan – Development Intern


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