The Epilepsy Florida Comprehensive Epilepsy Clinics and network of independent neurologists across the state provide a consistent program of epilepsy medical management for children and adults consisting of the following:

  1. Screening for eligibility for medical services;
  1. Initial neurological evaluation;
  1. Ongoing medical follow ups as medically necessary;
  1. Blood monitoring of body functions and levels of anticonvulsant drugs;
  1. Electrodiagnosis (baseline electroencephalogram -EEG);
  1. Other diagnostics procedures: MRI, CT Scan, DEXA Scan and others  as medically indicated;
  1. Epilepsy Guidance and Education;
  1. Assistance with obtaining medication through various sources: DOH Pharmacy, PAP, EF Prescription Discount Card, independent pharmaceutical providers offering medication at special discounted rate for EF clients,  on-line and local retail pharmacies offering specially discounted prescription plans;
  1. Miscellaneous medical services such as completing medical forms for non-medical benefits (drivers’ license application, SSA forms, etc.); and
  1. Referrals to other medical facilities for services not available at EF or non-epilepsy related medical needs.

The medical program is intended to work with uninsured clients and is a program for clients with no other recourse for neurological care. The client’s ability to pay a minimal fee for medical services that is a share of cost percentage fee is assessed during the intake process and subsequently at the yearly recertification period for each individual.  Household income will be verified and compared with a sliding fee scale to determine financial responsibility.

For more information, or to enroll in the Medical Services program call toll-free 1-877-553-7453 or email us here.


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