Rakshanda Khan has been a member of Epilepsy Florida since she was in Elementary school. Her father first brought her to what was then known as The Epilepsy Foundation for assistance with Ms. Khan’s educational needs. The staff psychologist Dr. Siskind performed a psychoeducational assessment and Rakshanda was then placed on an IEP, which had assisted her in achieving academic success all the way through high school. Rakshanda then graduated, got married and eventually had 2 children. Rakshanda’s epilepsy was primarily controlled and had no seizures up until a year ago where she began to have uncontrolled seizures yet again after suffering the loss of her mother. 

This is when Rakshanda decided to return to Epilepsy Florida and see if there was anything that would be able to help her. Ms. Khan found solace once more when she was scheduled to see the same staff psychologist who had helped her almost 20 years prior. Ms. Rakshanda is unable to come often to the Miami office and so she was pleased to see that she would be able to continue her sessions with the staff psychologist virtually. Through her case manager at Epilepsy Florida Rakshanda was better able to understand her condition and find the right neurologist to assist with her Epilepsy. Although her seizures are not yet controlled Rakshanda has been able to learn and gain insight as to what are her current options for treatment and is well on her way to gaining control of her life.   

Carson Pedraza

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