This is Rosandra. Rosandra was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 7 years old. Her neurologist from the Dominican Republic told her mom they were simply Infantile seizures and she would soon grow out of it… but she never did. At the age of 20 years old, she moved to Florida with the hopes of working with her cousin and being a part of a congregation at a church. The one thing that remained the same in her life were the ongoing grandmal seizures. Rosandra would soon be visiting many Emergency Rooms for her seizures but no access to a routine neurologist. Rosandra expresses that going to the ER was a temporary fix but nothing would ever get resolved. Rosandra’s mother, found Epilepsy Florida one night after many sleepless nights and tried to have her daughter apply. Rosandra recalls “stalling on the application process and not taking it seriously at first.” Rosandra’s mother, however, encouraged her daughter and eventually took control and demanded her daughter to finish the application process. Rosandra’s mother also noticed on the Epilepsy Florida website that there was an office located in West Palm Beach where they spontaneously stopped by to see what the organization was about. At the West Palm Beach office, they were greeted by their now Case Manager, Sol. In talking with the Case Manager, they were able to expedite the Intake process. Rosandra recalls talking with her Case Manager about Psychological services and Neurologists that were close to her home. Today, Rosandra expresses how thankful she is as she has a consistent neurologist who she can schedule follow ups if anything abnormal is happening. After 4-5 years of not seeing a neurologist, she now has access to routine visits, an epileptologist that is knowledgeable about her case and provides treatment based on her needs and his expertise. Her last seizure was in May 2019. She says she is still a work in progress but is happy she is making progress. Today, she is an active member of society and church.

By: Sol Camanzo
Social Services Case Manager

Betty Fernandez

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