Kala Rumalla, MD

Kala Rumalla, MD


Dr. Kala Rumalla graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine in 1997.  She is also an Integrative Health Coach, receiving her certification from Duke University.  Her interest stemmed from seeing how we should treat patients more as a whole and learning to help people have insight into their own health and well-being.  

Her experience with epilepsy was personal when her middle son was diagnosed at the age of 9 with intractable epilepsy.  She gained a vast amount of experience in the treatment of epilepsy when her son required complicated evaluations and multiple neurosurgical procedures at various institutions throughout the country.  She has also guided other families in her local community who have children with severe epilepsy.  She and her son are currently writing a book which illustrates their life-long journey with this chronic condition.

Dr. Rumalla currently lives in Ocala, Florida with her husband and has three sons. Her eldest son is training to become a neurosurgeon while her youngest son is attending Northwestern University’s combined medical program and has an interest in public health and pediatric surgery.  Keertan, her middle child, is volunteering in ESOL at the local college and in child life services at their local hospital where she works. Their family’s experience with epilepsy has served as an important motivating factor to help others. 

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